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Allison Gappa Bottke's Bio:
When Allison Gappa Bottke's life changed, it wasn't merely another bend in the journey. It was a brake-locking, tire-screaming U-turn in the middle of a fast moving highway in order to head in a completely opposite direction. Affectionately known as the "God Allows U-Turns Poster Girl," Allison's story is one of triumph over tragedy. A frequent guest on radio and TV programs around the country, the 700 Club featured her life story in what has become one of their highest rated programs ever, and she has appeared on the covers of such national magazines as Writer's Digest, BOND and The Christian Communicator. As the Founder, Allison heads up the God Allows U-Turns Project, an international outreach that includes books, tracts, logo merchandise, a line of greeting cards, a speaking ministry, and a foundation. The cornerstone of the God Allows U-Turns Project is an inspirational book series many are calling "the next Chicken Soup." The God Allows U-Turns book series is available around the world with over a dozen books in the U-Turns "brand" currently available for adults, kids and youth. Allison's first novel in the "hip-lit" genre will premier in 2006, as will a new non-fiction book based on the lies women believe being co-written with Tracie Peterson and Dianne O'Brian.

Allison speaks and teaches at conferences and writer's events around the country, often attending as an Acquisitions Editor for books in the God Allows U-Turns true short story compilation book series.

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