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Christopher & Allan Miller's Bio:
The Miller Brothers, Christopher and Allan, combine their unique skills as authors, computer animators, and multimedia designers to produce stories of faith and fun for families everywhere. Founders of Lumination Studios, they reside in the Northwest with their families.

Christopher is the father of two boys, Keegan and Truitt. He recently finished constructing a playhouse for the boys in the backyard…a feat he hopes not to repeat again anytime soon. In addition to being a father of a toddler and an infant he keeps pretty busy designing Web sites, working with the youth group, writing books and speaking at schools and events. He is terrified of roller coasters but his wife loves them, so he tries his best to keep calm and join her on as many as his nerves will allow. He would not be caught dead in a hot air balloon.

Allan still loves bedtime stories...only now he is the one reading aloud in silly, dramatic voices to his two boys, Toby and Henry. Together with his wife, Sarah, he enjoys getting out of the house whenever the Washington weather allows, to lead their family on “adventure walks” where they delight in discovering “things they've never seen before”...until the little feet get too tired. Outside of family time, Allan has enjoyed being able to work with youth through his church AWANA club and speaking at local schools and events about the creative process. Someday he'd like to fly in a hot air balloon and do a back flip (but not at the same time).

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