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Charles Martin

Author of  When Crickets Cry

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Charles Martin's Bio:

Charles Martin is at the top of his game. With two successful books under his belt, a Christy nomination for The Dead Don’t Dance, a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie set to release fall 2006, and another book on the way, Martin knows he is blessed. Yet only two years ago Martin was counting rejection letters and painting docks to get by. Martin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, but quickly realized that it wasn’t going to pay the bills or please his new father-in-law. He continued on in school and eventually earned his Ph. D. in Communications. However, before he knew it, he found himself the father of three little boys and selling insurance.

Miles away from his dream to be a writer, Martin began to feel like he was missing his calling. Together, he and his wife decided to give it one year of hard work and see if he could get a novel published. During this time period Martin, who had climbed the ranks of the scholarly world, painted and built docks for a living and sent out manuscripts in his free time. By the time he received 87 rejection letters he stopped counting.

 “I had heard that F. Scott Fitzgerald received 126 rejection letters for This Side of Paradise so I tried to remain positive,” says Martin, “I really felt like God had called me to be a writer. But after a while I decided that I needed to be realistic about my future.”

 Martin began looking for jobs. However, it was not to be. His father met T. Davis Bunn at a prayer breakfast and began pitching Martin’s novel to the acclaimed author. Usually the kiss of death, this chance meeting turned out to be the answer to Martin’s prayers. Eventually, The Dead Don’t Dance was published to rave reviews.

 Publishers Weekly said of the novel, “Martin's first novel… [is] an absorbing read. What makes this book sing…is its delightfully quirky characters.”

 Martin followed up his successful first novel with the moving Wrapped in Rain. This story received similar reviews with Publishers Weekly calling it “an engaging story about healing and the triumph of love.” The novel is filled with delightful local color.” And Library Journal gave it a starred review.

Martin’s third novel, When Crickets Cry, will be published in April of 2006.  These days, Martin can’t believe how much life has changed in two years.


Birth Place: Jacksonville, Florida

Graduate of Florida State Univerity with Degree in English

Advanced Degrees: M.A. in Journalism, Regent University; PH.D. Communication, Regent University

Previous Career Positions Held: Adjunct Professor, Insurance Agent, Dock Builder, Pressure Washer, Not-a-very-good carpenter, Jack of all trades

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