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Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice

Author of  For Young Men Only

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Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice's Bio:

Jeff Feldhahn

Jeff is a lawyer and entrepreneur who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Shaunti and two little squirts, a girl and a boy. Jeff is the founder and President of World2one, an Internet company that he believes will make folks forget about Facebook. Jeff, who grew up in a small town in Michigan, is a graduate of the University of Michigan—Flint and Harvard Law School. A few bits of trivia about Jeff are that, before his final year of law school, he rode his bicycle all the way from Michigan to Boston. And during that final year, he ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every night at 10:00 pm while studying for classes.

Eric Rice

Eric Rice is a veteran film and video director/cameraman/writer. He is also a small-town Texas boy that grew up fishing, shooting BBs at neighbor’s dogs, swimming in a snake-infested lake, and living for the Fourth of July. Eric has a Bachelor of Science degree in Video and Film from a Christian University, which makes him well-qualified to watch TV and wreck it for anyone else in the room as he points out the foibles and continuity errors. (Don’t watch a movie with him either.)

Eric married way over his head with Lisa, a beautiful, talented writer that has co-authored books with Jeff’s wife, Shaunti. Lisa keeps Eric’s “inner 14year old” from blowing up the house. Eric manages his sanity by shooting firearms, Scuba diving, filming in high-risk locations, and working on his son’s dirt bike.

Eric also has three beautiful daughters who have contributed a LOT to the book and music video, which he produced.

Eric’s hope is that teen guys will not make the same dumb mistakes he did (all revealed in the book) but rather listen to what the girls have to say and act on it. Eric says: “There are wonderful girls out there waiting for a guy who’s taken the book to heart.”

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