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Andrew McIntosh's Bio:
With a PhD in life experience, author Andrew McIntosh shares his dramatic, real-world view as it relates to youth and youth advocacy. Born into violence and, shortly after birth, placed into the Neil McNeil Catholic Children’s Orphanage in downtown Toronto in the mid nineteen-fifties, McIntosh personally experienced the social ills that turn so many lost and abandoned kids into runaways, addicts and misfits. His story, and that of twenty-eight of the Neil McNeil orphans, has been chronicled in the books The Child and The Institution (1968), New Hope for Deprived Children (1978) and Pathways to Maturity (1986), authored by Professor Betty Flint and published by the University of Toronto Press.

With luck, faith and the intervention of his own social workers, McIntosh turned his life around at age eighteen. Thirty-five years later, McIntosh shares a lifetime of hardcore experiences with youth; as a camp counselor and Boy Scout leader; as a paramedic; as a professional street outreach worker and youth court advocate, youth shelter volunteer, trauma interventionist, church youth group leader, and youth (and adult) addiction recovery mentor. Throughout the years, McIntosh has played a role in counseling countless youth (and parents) through their own life challenges.

McIntosh now shares a lifetime of experiences with today’s youth in a passionate effort to steer them away from the perils of modern society and towards a life of opportunity, integrity and spiritual fulfillment.

McIntosh lives in southern California with his wife of thirty years and three dogs. His passions are his family and grandchildren, Christian ministry, youth advocacy, writing, motivational public speaking and volunteer work.

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