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Carol J. Rottman's Bio:
Carol Rottman has learned much about the writing life in the last 10 years. After spending many years as a teacher, Carol’s desire to write drove her to teach herself. Since then she has become a published author and writing instructor who finds inspiration in the moments of everyday life. Carol has used unusual moments such as trying to concentrate with a frenzied fly, being confined to the hospital for two months, or an intense game of Scrabble, to find inspiration and create encouraging words for others.

When Carol began writing, the need to work prevented her from going back to school, so she had to teach herself. She accomplished this difficult task by reading every book about writing she could find and practicing every day. She now shares her struggles and joys with other writers, both novice and experienced, in Writers in the Spirit.

In addition to her book, Carol has also had work featured in publications such as, The Banner, Breaking Barriers, These Days, The Spark, The Christian Communicator, Cross and Quill, Perspectives and Working Poet. Carol’s essay, “Three Calls”, received an award from the Writer’s Digest writing contest in 2003. She has also taught numerous workshops and classes on writing. Some of her classes include: “Journaling for Christians”, “Telling Your Story on Paper” and “Writers in the Spirit.”

Most recently, Carol was owner of First Draft Consulting, a writing service. She received her BA in 1960 from the University of Michigan in Elementary Education. She obtained an MA in 1970 from Michigan State University in Special Education. In 1985 she received a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in Social Welfare. After spending 19 years as a teacher, she became director of the Research Agenda to Prevent Low Birthweight. She also spent 5 years as the manager of Perinatal Products.

Carol and her husband Fritz have three children and eight grandchildren and live in Greenville, MI. They make regular trips to Africa to help AIDS victims.