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Ann Dunagan's Bio:

Raised in a godly family, Ann was led to the Lord by her mother and received a "call" to world missions as a young eight-year-old child. Today, with a driving passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann Dunagan has personally ministered in 29 nations, speaking to women, preaching in villages, training children and youth, and encouraging parents and teachers throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the South Pacific, and in remote areas in East Africa.

Even though she had loved the Lord since childhood, one summer night following her high school graduation, Ann's relationship with God was transformed from merely "performing" for God to genuinely surrendering everything for His purposes. During a youth group meeting in which she was leading worship, she listened to a young guest speaker challenge the group about leadership, daring to be different, and living a life of no compromise. Although she may have looked like "Miss Leader-of-the-youth-group," there were hidden areas of compromise and rebellion in her heart. That first evening, as Jon Dunagan spoke to the group, he encourage her on a personal level to live uprightly, with personal integrity and honesty before God . . . and her life has never been the same. Two years later, Ann married that guest speaker, who had changed her world forever.

Jon and Ann began their international missionary work by serving as "Assistant Home Group Leaders" (taking attendance) in a small Bible study in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating magna cum laud from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Elementary Education, Dunagan, along with her husband, moved to Oregon. With one baby, $27, and a little hatchback car they'd just been given, the 21-year-olds stepped out into full-time ministry. They knocked on doors, preached one-on-one in parks, started a church in a roller rink, and did whatever they could to share their faith.

In 1986, Jon and Ann founded Harvest Ministry, an international evangelistic outreach primarily focused on "unreached" people in developing nations. Through Harvest Ministry outreaches, multitudes have heard the Gospel face-to-face, with approximately 1.4 million making public salvation decisions for Christ. Harvest Ministry has proclaimed the Good News of Jesus in over 70 countries on every continent, including Antarctica. Working with national ministers, over 400 indigenous churches have been established in remote areas along with two orphanage in Uganda, which currently minister to over 600 children.

"Now, 23 years and 7 kids later, Jon and I are still living a dream," says Dunagan. It's a life-long adventure . . . of trusting God, stepping out, and living for Him. At times, it's tough -- dealing with dusty roads, mud huts, mosquito nets, malaria, witchdoctors, and tribal warfare . . . and figuring out on a day-by-day basis how to balance our call to ministry with our call to our family. But no matter what, God's grace has always been there."

In her free time, Ann Dunagan enjoys fervent worship, time with her family and friends, and writing. The Dunagan family and Harvest Ministry have their home base near Hood River, Oregon.

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