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Valerie Shepard

Author of  Pilipinto's Happiness

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Valerie Shepard's Bio:

Valerie Elliot Shepard is the only child of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, missionaries to the Quichua and Auca Indians (now called "Waodani," which means "the people") of the Amazon Jungle. Her father Jim, along with four other men, was speared to death in 1956 as they sought to reach the Aucas with the Gospel. After Jim's death, Elisabeth and Valerie continued to live with the Quichuas until they were invited to live with the tribe that had killed Jim. They ministered to the Aucas for two years as Elisabeth and another missionary, Rachel Saint, learned to speak the language and shared the story of Jesus with them. Many Aucas converted to Christ as a result, abandoning their savage ways.