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Eric Kampmann

Author of  Signposts: A Devotional

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Eric Kampmann's Bio:

Eric Kampmann’s career in publishing includes some remarkable milestones. He’s recently teamed up with conservative stalwart Al Regnery to publish The Ruling Class, which features a Foreword by Rush Limbaugh. He also generated reams of controversy for publishing If I Did It by O.J. Simpson, an autobiographical account of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Though Kampmann conducted several high-profile interviews about the book, his real motivation for publishing it—so the Goldman family would have a means of financial restitution from Simpson himself—was often distorted or given short rift.

Signposts, (published by WND Books), already acclaimed by Publishers Weekly, is his third devotional after Trail Thoughts and Tree of Life, and is shining evidence of a life transformed.

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