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Trade Paperback
464 pages
Feb 2011
Avon Inspire

Lone Star Intrigue

by Debra White Smith

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Pulses race with love and danger as two brothers struggle to rescue and win the women they love, in Debra White Smith’s back-to-back novels Texas Heat and Texas Pursuit from her Lone Star Intrigue series. In Smith’s first novel, Texas Heat, chief of police Jack Mansfield must arrest Charli Friedmont, the very woman who broke his heart several years ago. Charli claims she is innocent of the embezzlement charges, and Jack finds himself falling again for Charli as she desperately turns to him for help. Is Charli truly guilty? Or is she the victim of something more sinister at work?

Both Charli and Jack are on their guard at first -- Charli coming from the background of an abusive husband and divorce, and Jack afraid to open up his heart again when it was so easily tossed aside for another man years earlier. But slowly, as it becomes apparent that Charli’s life is in danger, Jack is thrown into a thickening plot where both his life and heart are at stake.

Sequel Texas Pursuit follows younger brother Sonny Mansfield, a private investigator, who realizes he may have just unknowingly endangered Tanya O’Brien after a man claiming to be her ex-husband hired him to hunt her down. Sonny rents an apartment near Tanya to investigate further, developing a blossoming love for the sweet, practical redhead and her son Coty, as he discovers the devious intentions of his client, Maurice Salazar.

Tanya has always been practical, and no man has ever been good enough to fit her mold for the perfect husband. Finally, when Sonny Mansfield steps into her life asking to rent her attached garage apartment, she realizes she is slowly falling for this enigma of a man who is both carefree and cautious, boyishly charming and fiercely protective. But when Maurice resumes stalking her after her rejection of him, Sonny’s timing in her life couldn’t be more perfect -- almost too perfect. The plot builds as Tanya seeks to learn what it is Sonny is hiding, and Sonny seeks to thwart Maurice’s plans to kidnap Tanya at any cost.

Smith writes her series with the perfect blend of romance and suspense in these western damsel-in-distress novels. The intensity and danger mixed with the passionate chemistry between characters will keep readers frantically turning pages till the end. The characters struggle with their warring emotions and are eventually forced to confront each of their own inner demons of the past. In the end, forgiveness and love overcome all obstacles. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Debra White Smith’s first two novels in her Lone Star Intrigue series and found myself lost in characters who were both relatable and fascinating. Teen girls and young women looking for a new and exciting romance series will not be disappointed as the very first pages plunge into the thick of the drama. When it comes to captivating chick lit, these novels get a gold star! – Lyndsey Gammage,

Book Jacket:

In the small town of Bullard, Texas, the Mansfield brothers seem to have everything in order . . . except for their love lives. Jack is the lonely police chief still pining after Charli, his college girlfriend. Younger brother Sonny keeps busy on the road as a private investigator, and a secret from his past prevents him from finding someone to settle down with. But all that is about to change...