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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Nov 2004
Zondervan Publishing

The Revealing: The Time Is Now

by L.A. Marzulli

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A spiral devolving downward. SS-Obergruppenfuehre, Wolfgang Von Schverdt climbs out of Hitler’s death bunker and ensures the continuation of the third Reich by meeting some very useful American officers. A question: Do flying saucers come from outer space or inner space? From the not so far distant past, move to the not so distant future, maybe even tomorrow. The Bethlehem star has returned with dire import. Or, is it a star? Threads from around the globe begin to weave together as the world begins to fall apart. The mole people living in caves branching off from the New York subway know of the fearful, deeper caves. A reprobate priest researches all religions looking for end time detail. Elisha Ben Hassen and his Jewish cohorts prepare Israel for the start of the beginning battle. Our old friends from the first two stories in this series, Mac and Johanen, have their work cut out for them. And, guess who has managed to live decades longer than normal, working hand in hand with Mr. Wyan and those half-demon, half-human Nephilim? Von Schverdt.

If you read Nephilim and Unholy Deception this is the conclusion you await. If you have not read them, you will find sufficient clues in The Revealing to tie the story in a neat bundle and draw you into the events that lead to the battle beginning the Great Tribulation. Possessor of an honorary doctorate awarded for this series, Bible student, and in-depth researcher into UFO cults, Lynn Marzulli knits his extremely involved story together with simplicity. The reader may not agree with all of Marzulli’s theology, but he will find that the world within The Revealing never loses its coherency, maintaining the reader’s interest and belief throughout. Give yourself time to read this one or you will find yourself stirring dinner and gassing the car with the book under your nose. Marzulli claims that The Revealing is the last book in the Nephilim series, however there are sufficient intriguingly unanswered questions to pave the way for another–we hope. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The suspense-filled sequel to the story begun in Nephilim and The Unholy Deception

The events in the Middle East seem to be culminating in the fulfillment of ancient prophecies found in an unpublished Dead Sea Scroll. Because of his work exposing the Antichrist, Cardinal Fiorre was murdered by alien hybrids. All his research was destroyed except for a single diskette. Former reporter Art MacKenzie and his spiritual mentor, Johanen, are desperate to try to locate it. But a fallen angel—and the organization known as the Cadre—will kill to get their hands on it.

Meanwhile, escalating wars, disease, famine, and the instability of third world nations prompts a secret government think tank to move its Doomsday clock to midnight. Threatening war between a confederacy of Arab states against Israel, threads of biblical prophecy, and alien and UFO activity drive this tension-filled story to its thrilling climax.