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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Apr 2004

I Hate School

by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

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Best-selling author and learning expert Cynthia Ulrich Tobias scores another perfect ten with her new book I Hate School:  How to Help Your Child Love Learning.   Any parent who has ever heard the words "I hate school," who has dealt with tummy aches in the morning before school, or has tried to console a child who cries over homework each evening, will find insight and creative ideas to help restore their child's love of learning.  Cynthia, also the author of Every Child Can Succeed and The Way They Learn, believes that parents and teachers should work together to craft an education that children will love by capitalizing on a child's individual learning styles and minimizing frustrations. 

Tobias, a former teacher and the founder of Applied Learning Styles, believes that schools should be centered around their customers—the student—and focused on helping each student become a more effective learner.  Her straightforward premise is that not every child learns best in a traditional classroom environment (e.g. seated neatly in rows and told to be perfectly quiet).  Though the book is written as a handbook for parents who are dealing with a frustrated child, educators can adapt the principles to create a learning environment where every child can learn. 

In I Hate School, Tobias explains how the physical learning environment (such as temperature, lighting, and comfort) affects children and provides teaching techniques geared to maximize each child's particular learning style (whether he is auditory, visual, or kinesthetic).  She provides evaluation forms for assessing learning and teaching styles and counsel about choosing the right school setting for your child.  The final section of the book encourages schools to find ways to adapt to student needs. Cynthia is convinced that teachers and schools who reach for excellence will evaluate old ideas of teaching or schooling.    

As a junior/senior high English teacher, I deal with frustrated students every day.  Some of those frustrated students have legitimate learning roadblocks and would say they "hate school."  Cynthia offers an insightful approach to helping students maximize their learning style.  She isn't afraid to address tough issues like the legitimate need for ADD/ADHD diagnosis and medication.  I have gained practical classroom ideas and understand my own style of teaching better after reading this book.  Her writing style is honest and practical with plenty of suggestions to implement.  I would highly recommend this book to teachers, home schooling parents, or parents who want to know how to replace the words "I hate school" with "I can't wait to go to school today." -- Jayne Walters, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What do you do when your child hates school?

When little Sarah cries herself to sleep at night, when Johnny has tummy aches in the morning, something is clearly wrong. An occasional problem at school is one thing. But what do you do when school is the problem? When your child hates school because school doesn’t like your child, you’ve got to act. Don’t let a one-size-fits-all educational system steal the joys and riches of learning from your son or daughter.

Your child is unique, with a personal learning style that needs to be understood and respected. In this groundbreaking book, learning expert Cynthia Ulrich Tobias shows how you can work with your child’s school and teachers to tailor an education your child will love, not hate. Here are practical ways to craft an approach that draws out your son or daughter’s giftedness and minimizes the things that frustrate.

Filled with practical applications and insights as commonsense as they are revolutionary, I Hate School includes a Learning Styles Profile Summary on which to base your plans and actions. So don’t waste time. Today, starting now, you can take steps toward an education for your child that will replace the words “I hate school” with “Is it time to go to school yet?”