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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Aug 2003

Every Child Needs a Praying Mom

by Fern Nichols

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Every Child Needs a Praying Mom, by Fern Nichols, equips the reader with Bible quotes and methods on how to become a grounded intercessor or pray-er. As a concerned Christian mother, Fern gathered with like-minded mothers to pray. Through prayer, Fern and these mothers overcame their fears and concerns when their children were immersed in the battle for their hearts and minds at school or away from home. These gatherings, initiated by Fern, are now a worldwide ministry called Moms In Touch International (MITI). Every Child Needs a Praying Mom explains the birth of Moms In Touch as well as the prayer methods employed during their meetings. Nonetheless, Fern Nichols has written this book in a manner that would be helpful for any Christian who would like to learn more about prayer.

“’God longs to hear from us,’ writes Fern Nichols. This book was written to boost the reader’s confidence and ability to pray. Nichols wants the readers to believe deeply and fervently that their prayers are a most important contribution to their children’s lives. According to this book, God has given each person a prayer like a song that only that person can sing.

“Nichols urges the reader to pray confidently. She explains clearly how to become a Christian through personal prayer. She claims that a Christian is given immediate access to God’s ear. Instructions are given in the book to ground the reader in effective prayer that touches aspects such as praise, confession, and thanks. There are also highlights and outlined instructions which motivate the reader to establish plans for prayer in consistent circumstances or surroundings. Nichols appears to have been a well-educated, Biblically-grounded mother when she founded the international organization, Moms In Touch, through God’s provisions.

“The most important aspect of prayer is praise. The author instructs the use of four aspects of prayer which she calls four steps of prayer. ‘Before I instituted the idea of using the four steps of prayer into my quiet time, my prayers consisted mostly of confessions and requests. But now I start with praise. As a result, I continue to learn more about Him, experiencing a wonderful awareness of His loving presence.’ This is Nichols’ primary point in Every Child Needs a Praying Mom. She quotes Psalm 115:1 ‘Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.’ The more intercessors praise God, the more they learn about Him. This makes an intercessors relationship with God become more personal, and their prayers more trustful.

“Written primarily for the lay person, one without any university or ministry training, the book presents principles in simple language. This may mislead the reader in ministry to overlook the depth of this book. The voice of this book appeals to a normal mother with concerns for others and a hunger for prayer. This target audience is successfully addressed. Nonetheless, a professional in ministry or teaching would very well benefit from this material. Its applications are practical and simply described. Some may not admire this book because of its lack of a specific church emphasis or familiar ministry, however, it is focused on the instruction of prayer enrichment with no underlying motive or hidden agenda.

“This book is extremely relevant to today, as President George W. Bush is asking for prayer for the safety of this country, his office, and family. Prayer is currently needed for the safety of our nation’s soldiers that are in far countries fighting for our security. Surely this book is needed now for this appointed time when large as well as personal, earthly, and spiritual battles are prominent and current. This book is invaluable!” – Kate Fausak, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The founder of Moms In Touch International shares a way of praying that energizes, creates an appetite for intimacy with God, overcomes spiritual paralysis, eliminates fear, unveils the heart and character of God, and transforms the pray-er’s life and perspective. She teaches how to pray effectively with others, how to prepare for the spiritual battles that swirl when prayer is on the move, how to persist in prayer in the face of hopelessness and despair, and how to use Scripture for effective prayer. Four types of prayers provide the key.