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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Apr 2005


by Gilbert Morris

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What’s on the inside matters more than what’s on the outside, or so they tell us. But when the outside is hanging obesely about your frame, most people don’t even look for what’s on the inside. Or so Ollie Benson had learned. Computers, Twinkies, and gargantuan gourmet meals give more comfort than girls who can’t even bear to look at him. But then things begin to change. Ollie gets fantastically rich and marries a beautiful, slim, loving (or so he thinks) woman. When it all falls humiliatingly and murderously apart, Ollie finally finds the greatest motivating power of all—revenge—and the books title, Charade, becomes apparent.

A slim, Hollywood handsome Ollie has the money and the hate to make it work. He will get even. However…a little girl, Lou Gehrig’s disease, what a cowboy novel would call a “good” woman, and a totally different outlook on life, are going to waylay all his plans.

Be prepared to get emotionally involved with Ollie. Readers might not be fat, but lots of us know what it is like to have people treat us like rubbish. A leading light on the Christian novelist list, Gilbert Morris, has produced a funny, gripping, sympathetic story, with wonderful touches of whimsy, and heart stopping moments of doubt and trouble. This novel does have its problems. The ending comes too fast, almost as if the writer was running out of paper. Although, as a whole, characterizations are complete and believable; the most important woman in the book, coming near the end as she does, is not depicted completely.

Several Christian themes are woven into Charade, such as the Christian perspective of love, pride, success, and money. They are skillfully presented, sneaking up on the reader without a lot of Christian words. There is a well-handled salvation scene, and the theme of environmentalism also runs through this story. Non-Christians, as well as Christians will enjoy reading Charade. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A beautiful woman. A savage betrayal. The perfect payback.

But is revenge enough?

Ollie Benson’s computer program,, explodes onto the market, thrusting him into a world of glamour, fame, and fortune. He’s extravagantly rich. But he’s still obese and desperately miserable—until he meets a woman who loves him for who he is. Or so it seems.

When the two people Ollie trusts the most betray him in brutal fashion, he constructs an elaborate plan for revenge. It’s brilliant. It’s perfect. There’s just one glitch: Ollie is about to come face-to-face with the power of true, unconditional love. It could change his life.

Or end it.