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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jan 2007

Ever After

by Karen Kingsbury

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WARNING: Prior to starting this book buy a new box of tissue.  Dedicate a single day to completing this book.  Grab a comfy chair and blanket and set the tissue beside you.  After about page 120, it will be too late.  Tears will start to fall; you will eventually be crying out of control and will not clearly see the last 220 pages of the book.  I usually don’t have to post such strong warnings in my book reviews, but yesterday my sweet husband wouldn’t even let me go to sleep until I completed this book because he didn’t want to see another day of tears.  

Ever After, Kingsbury’s sequel to Even Now, has to be one of the most touching stories I have ever read.  It is a story of trust, love, and sacrifice.  It is a story about supporting American troops and showing patriotism, even if you don’t agree with the cause.  It is a story of new beginnings and second chances.  

Can Lauren and Shane ever get over there differences as they deal with their renewed relationship?  Was theirs truly a teenage romance or was it a love to survive all time?  If Lauren decides to walk out and give up because she can’t get past her strong views on the war, will there love ever get the chance to experience ever after?

Emily has moved to Tacoma, Washington, to attend college and asks her dad, Shane, to get her a job at the local Army base.  She meets Justin, with whom she quickly connects, even on a spiritual level.  Can Lauren, her mother, support the decisions Emily is making for her life?  Now that she has experienced this fresh, young love of summer, will she and Justin now share ever after?

This book is about discovering new love.  It is learning to open your heart and mind to trusting not only others, but most importantly it is about allowing God to have complete control over your life.  It is about seeking God for your answers.  It is about trusting that God will not only catch you when you start to stumble, but it is also about knowing God will help you when you fall.  

One of my favorite things about a Kingsbury novel is the voice that she uses when her characters communicate with God.  When her characters pray and talk to God, they stop to listen for God’s response.  Kingsbury’s books remind me that it is only when I commit Scripture to memory that God can use Scripture to speak to me.  Ever After is a great example of why Kingsbury is known as “America’s favorite inspirational novelist.” – Brandi Webster, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In Ever After, bestselling author Karen Kingsbury has created a moving sequel to Even Now. The book opens as Emily Anderson, now twenty years old, attends college on a soccer scholarship. Through an off-campus job at Fort Lewis, Emily meets a young Army reservist, Justin Baker. Their love—deep, emotional, and built on the foundation of a shared faith—blooms into plans for marriage. Even Emily’s parents, Lauren Gibbs and Shane Galanter, draw inspiration from this shining young relationship.

But Shane and Lauren are being tested as they themselves make wedding plans. Although Shane works as a Top Gun instructor, Lauren still strongly opposes the war in Iraq. As Lauren and Shane struggle to breach the gulf between them, Lauren decides that the task is impossible. She returns to her job as a war correspondent in Afghanistan.

Emily must say goodbye to Justin as he goes off to serve in Iraq. Then tragedy changes everything. Can Lauren and Shane do what they think is impossible—set aside their opposing views so that God’s love can win no matter how great the odds?