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Trade Paperback
193 pages
Aug 2003

Mirror, Mirror

by Kara Powell & Kendall Payne

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Mirror, Mirror by Kara Powell and Kendall Payne is a heartbreaking look into what teen girls face today. Girls are immersed in a culture that tells them to be skinny, but not anexoric, sexy, but not too sexy, and leaders, but not overly confident. Kara and Kendall show how confusing these messages are and believe that girls need to question what they believe about themselves, why they believe what they believe and get true perspective.

We are created by God and our bodies and minds are his dwelling place. The authors do a great job of telling this without being preachy. The book is written in magazine format with quizzes, short articles and boxes with fun facts. Kara has worked with youth as an Assistant Junior-High Pastor, is a leader of a small group, is coordinator for Women's Youth Network and is a professor of Christian Ed. at Azusa Pacific University. Kendall is young woman with her finger on the pulse on this generation through her music and touring with Third Day, Delirious? and The Lilith Fair.

This book takes you from Make-Up, to Food and Eating, to Friends and Accountability. It looks at Sex, Comparison and The World. It looks at stories from girls and women from all over the country, (plus a few guys). In it girls are bound to find their very own story. The pages also tell God=s story and reassure the reader that God loves even messed up people.

This book is a good tool for teens and the women around them. It shows the truth of what many girls today are faced with and are feeling. It gives encouragement and gives direction out of some of the more confusing places in a young life. The magazine format is engaging, the authors vunerability is refreshing and the way they weave God's truths into it is intential yet not overbearing. As a mother of a 12 year old I was both shocked and appreciative to hear about the struggles my daughter may be up against. I feel more equipped to watch and listen for where she may need help and encouragement. This would be a great book for a group of friends to do together and even more helpful if a trusted mentor could guide the discussions. I would recommend this book to anyone working with youth, especially in ministry. -- Sheri Carlstrom, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"I hate my body. My hair never looks right."
"I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror."

Sound familiar? Probably. You (and millions of other young women) are buying into what our image-oriented society says you should look like -- and how you should measure up to others. Mirror, Mirror will blow the top off of what your think and believe about beauty, self-image, acceptance, health, sex, God's love, and more. Filled with cool tips, fun-facts, quizzes, tough discussion questions, surveys, real-life stories and confessions, this is the books for setting the record straight on who God created you to be!