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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Oct 2004

The Incumbent

by Alton L. Gansky

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The Incumbent by Alton Gansky is a mystery novel about Mayor Madison “Maddy” Glenn. She is mayor of Santa Rita, California, widow of Peter Glenn, and a highly motivated woman who loves her work and politics.

Her campaign treasurer, Lisa, is abducted and the Mayor’s business card is found at the scene with four drops of blood on it. Maddy invites Lisa’s nineteen-year-old daughter, Celeste, to stay with her until her mother is found. Celeste’s runaway bully father suddenly decides to come back and care for her, whether Celeste wants him to or not. Maddy’s headaches increase when another campaign worker disappears. This time three dots of blood are left on a picture of her and the worker. Who will be next?

Even as Maddy deals with these outside events, she is inwardly still dealing with the murder of her husband eight years earlier. Maddy hasn’t been able to open the box of his belongings the police returned to her.

But God has a plan, too, and one day an old friend of Peter’s tells Maddy that Peter became a Christian just before he was killed. Peter had planned on telling her when he got back from his trip, but never came back. Paul hadn’t told Madison because of shock and later he thought she would have seen the Bible he had given to Peter.

With much to think about, Madison continues in her quest to solve the disappearance of her friends and help Celeste deal with her father--a daunting task! Who is kidnapping her campaign workers and will she be next? Can Celeste and her father get back together? Will Randi convince Madison to run for Congress?

The Incumbent is an exciting book that stays on the move. Mr. Gansky uses a great deal of detail but it is not boring. He weaves a fast-paced story that keeps you asking, “What can happen next?” -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An abduction…a trail of disturbing clues…

Politics are about to become deadly.

As the controversial mayor of the beautiful coastal community of Santa Rita, Madison “Maddy” Glenn likes to face things head-on. But nothing can prepare her for a hostile visit from the chief of police—or his terrible news. Lisa Truccoli, Maddy’s friend and the treasurer of her last campaign, has been kidnapped. All that remains at the crime scene is a shocking clue…with Maddy’s name on it.

The ensuing hunt for answers only turns up more sinister clues in a terrifying game the abductor wants to play…with Maddy. Caught between a haunting past and a dangerous present, Maddy finds the walls that keep her from faith beginning to crumble.

The stakes turn lethal with a second abduction and a clue that reveals inside information about Maddy’s run for Congress—a decision she has not made yet. Someone is going to dangerous lengths to make the choice for her…but it is a choice she’ll survive?