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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Aug 2005

I Still Believe

by Kurt Bruner

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I Still Believe by Kurt Bruner is the result of a year of interviewing the "unconvinced"-- those who reject God and Christianity. It was done not to persuade but to try to understand their dilemma. He defines eight categories of unbelief: the disillusioned, the seeker, the offended, the apathetic, the skeptic, the heckler, the uneasy, and the rebel.

Bruner's hope is for the Christian to view this book as a help in understanding unbelieving friends or family members and for unbelievers to use this "as an honest look in the mirror."

Bruner covers Scriptures, situations, and actions that his interviewees have seen as a reason to reject Christianity and God. He questions why others who have faced the same situations accept God and Christianity. He concludes that the root of any decision is: Who is going to be in charge of our lives--us or God?

I Still Believe helps us as Christians to be more aware of the example we set and the pain that "well-meaning" people can inflict. But it does not provide an excuse for unbelief. "Faith is not the supposition that something might be true, but the assurance that someone is there," by Bishop Kallistos Ware.

Bruner closes with this conclusion: "Unbelief is not an accounting error open to audit. It is a choice that we all, God included, must allow." And there is the pain or the joy of this life. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Let the critics take their best shot. When the smoke clears, Christianity is still standing.

Lots of books have been written on apologetics—savvy defenses of the Christian faith. But should your faith really depend on your ability to outsmart every critic?

I Still Believe invites doubters, skeptics and others to open fire through candid interviews with a wide range of unbelievers, from the gentle offended to the angry antagonist. Rather than making a case for faith, it turns the tables by asking unbelievers to make their case for unbelief. When you truly listen, you gain a better understanding of their underlying feelings and mind-set; suggesting a deeper, unspoken reason millions reject Christian truth.

See for yourself why the burden of proof lies with the unbeliever, not you. I Still Believe lets you eavesdrop on conversations with people who find Christianity hard to swallow. Hear what they’ve got to say with a compassionate heart, but also an objective mind. You’ll understand them better. But in the end, you’ll also be able to look them confidently in the eye and say, “I still believe.”