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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Aug 2004

Everything Counts

by Steve Case

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I confess at the outset that tinkering with classics makes me nervous. My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers has been a well-loved devotional classic since 1927. Steve Case has used it as a springboard into a youth-oriented new devotional entitled Everything Counts. Rather than thinking of this as a rewrite of Chambers’ work, I see this as an original devotional that has used Chambers for inspiration, as David McCaseland says in the introduction to the book.

One of the premises for writing Everything Counts was that My Utmost was difficult to understand, yet most people I know, including McCaseland himself, first read it in their teens. Now, in a book geared for teens, there are examples of language so colloquial as to be nonsensical. For example:

01.01: “You have to be willing to give the whole sha-bang of your being. . .”
03.07: “There are things that get in the way of your prayer life, relationship, soul-dancing. . .”
04.02: “Saul was a jerk. . .We should not just be after the really life, but the really REALLY life.”
11.15: “We’re on the God-path . . .”

Fortunately, these are in the minority. But it is an interesting exercise to go through the book and see how much more succinct and clear the excerpts from Chambers are. My hope for Everything Counts is that it will spark a reader’s interest enough to turn him to the original My Utmost For His Highest. – Pam Glass, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For generations, people all over the world have been touched by the godly insights of Oswald Chambers. Now Everything Counts presents his work in a new and fresh form especially designed to speak to today's generation.

Writer Steve Case has distilled and expanded the truth, wisdom, and spiritual insight so that a new generation will be moved by these soul-stirring revelations.

The new format builds upon the verses for each day. It excerpts the essence of Chambers' memorable reflections and summarizes them in the section called "Just Between God and You." Then it encourages students to process these spiritual truths and apply them in their lives.