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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Aug 2011


by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Award-winning author Robin Lee Hatcherís book Belonging follows the story of Felicia Kristoffersen, a young, nineteenth-century woman who wants to leave her past behind. She arrives in Frenchmanís Bluff, Idaho as the new schoolmarm. Felicia has never known love, and isnít looking for it. Merchant Colin Murphy lost the love he had and is skeptical of the new schoolmarm. Despite heavy criticism from one of the townís most affluent members, Felicia finds that God provides healing and that two broken people can find love.

One of the highlights of the novel is the faith journey of the characters, especially Colin. It soon becomes clear that he struggles to make his faith real, and he questions whether or not he can really trust in God. All of the characters have some sort of faith in God, and the Christian messages are very clear. Felicia takes time out of her day to pray and read her Bible, an important discipline that is exemplified and honored in this book. Belonging also makes the point that churches are not meant to be gossip circles and shows what that sort of behavior looks like from the outside.

The story in itself is not terribly different from any other Christian romance novel. However, thatís part of the fun in reading it. The characters in Belonging feel familiar and are relatable. Itís an easy and entertaining tale. Fans of the Christian romance genre will enjoy the book. Ė Olivia Jessup,

Book Jacket:

Leaving behind her bitter past, Felicia Kristoffersen seeks to make a brighter future for herself as a teacher in Frenchmanís Bluff, Idaho. But in this tiny high desert town, she canít afford to fail. And not everyone is happy sheís here to begin with. Award-winning novelist Robin Lee Hatcher weaves a historical romance that asks the question: Can faith triumph over lifeís harshest storms?