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240 pages
Mar 2006

I Saw the Lord: A Wake-Up Call for Your Heart

by Anne Graham Lotz

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“I was seeing Him (Christ) largely as the Lord of my day-to-day life. As comforting as that reality is, I was missing so much more by not dwelling on His majesty. I was missing the awe that comes in recognizing Him as King, seated on the throne of not just my little life but of all creation.”

Sound familiar?

Great things come in small packages. And Anne Graham Lotz’s book, I Saw The Lord: A Wake-up Call For Your Heart proves this. This 240-page, convicting, inspiring, yet conversational book takes you on a journey like no other focusing on Isaiah 6:1-8. It carries a punch! But Anne Graham Lotz goes on the journey with you, sharing her personal experiences, lessons learned – both harsh and easy – and rejoices with you as you see the Light as never before. Be warned: I Saw The Lord isn’t a journey for those who are content with a surface relationship with Christ.

“I believe the answer is that there is more to knowing God than just head knowledge alone. I believe the kingdom of God is desperate for churches that are filled, not with good Christians, but filled with great ones – Christians whose knowledge of God has made the eighteen inch drop from their heads to their hearts. Until that drop occurs within us, we lack heart because we lack vision.”

Anne Graham Lotz is highly encouraging, but asks gut-wrenching, hard-to-read questions: “What has caused you to doubt that Jesus sits on the throne? Do you feel separated from God? Have you ever felt abandoned by Him?”

Her “Just Say Yes,” “Move Your Feet,” and “Stay Awake” chapters were especially helpful and encouraging to me. Usually, after I write a review there’s a friend or family member I pass on the book to whomever I think would benefit or enjoy the book, too. With I Saw The Lord: A Wake-up Call For Your Heart, I can’t pick just one! – Leilani Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When we call ourselves Christians, we expect that our love for Jesus, our hunger for His presence, our urgent longing to see Him again will be a constant, motivating force in our lives, writes Anne Graham Lotz. Yet sometimes …in the busyness of our days or the duties of our jobs or the familiar habits of our worship or the everyday routine of our homes, the longing becomes complacency, and we sleep through opportunities to be with Him.

Anne knows from personal experience that it’s then, as we’re drifting in comfortable complacency, that we most need a wake-up call—a jolt that pushes us to seek out a revival of our passion for Jesus that began as a blazing fire but somehow has died down to an ineffective glow.

The revival we need now is not a tent meeting or a series of church services designed to save the lost. It’s something completely different: authentic, personal revival.

In I Saw the Lord, Anne shares the revival lessons she has carried to audiences throughout the world, showing you how you can experience an authentic, deeper, richer relationship with God in a life-changing, fire-blazing revival.It begins here. Now. Open this book and hear the wake-up call. Then get ready for the fire of revival to fall … on you!