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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Oct 2006


by Clint L. Kelly

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In Scent by C. L. Kelly, readers get to explore the world of the perfume industry through the Azure World CEOs, Cassie and Nick Dixon. Nick is off in some jungle trying to find the flower that will take their company off the B-list, while Cassie is trying to keep the company running in his absence. Personal and corporate scandal threatens to keep the Dixons from releasing the scent that will allow Azure World’s doors to remain open. Finally, the new fragrance, Cassandra, is released. Sales rise, awards are received, but then people using the product start to die. The scent that is saving the company is killing the customers.

C. L. Kelly takes the foreign world of the perfume industry and makes the readers feel as though they are moguls. It is easy to put yourself into the everyday lives of the Dixons, even if yours doesn’t involve an assassination plot, a jungle trek, or a corporate spy. Kelly has brought everything to his pages that a reader could want. The events of the story force readers to think about corporate ethics, personal standards, individual testimonies, and universal values.

Conflict is what keeps us turning pages, so anyone who picks up this book will have no problem reading the entire saga. Once readers finish, they will be waiting for the release of the second book in Kelly’s Scentsation series. – Alyssa Curry, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Beauty in a bottle.

Earth’s most captivating scent.

Danger hidden in petals of pink.

From the corporate boardroom to the New Guinea rainforest, the hunt is on to capture “the very breath of beauty” and secure the success of struggling perfumers Cassie and Nick Dixon. When the fragrance “Cassandra” is at last unveiled, the public goes wild, and the Dixons are crowned the queen and king of fashion aroma.

Then the unthinkable happens. “Cassandra” has a dark side. And it’s about to wreak deadly havoc … havoc mirrored in the emptiness of Cassie’s soul. As a war rages in her heart, Cassie desperately struggles to regain her spiritual footing. But will her desire for success cost her everything?

The deadly qualities of beauty come to life and the stakes couldn’t be higher in this riveting new thriller. Scent will overwhelm the senses.

How could innocent beauty be so deadly?

Scent introduces the Sensations series—unique, page-turning thrillers centered on the five senses. Weaving high energy with suspense, this irresistible series sweeps you into the worlds of scent, sight, taste, touch, and sound, unfolding spiritual truths through the fast-paced experiences of colorful, skillfully developed characters.