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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jul 2007

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Ever had to live in a bubble? Ever been so shielded that you felt a little lower than low? That was how Cody Ferguson was feeling.

Cody had been deaf from the age of six and he was almost thirteen now. He was handling it "okay," but his Mom, Sheila, was stifling him in her efforts to protect him from the hearing world. He couldn’t go hiking, play sports, attend a regular school, or even go out to play with the other neighborhood kids without strict rules of behavior. He was smart. He devoured huge books on outdoor survival, without his mother knowing. He secretly worked out every day to develop his growing body.

Andy knew Cody did not like the home situation, but he wouldn’t stand up to his wife. Their marriage was disintegrating fast because of her obsession with Cody. He loved them dearly, but knew some changes had to be made soon or their family was doomed.

Cassie and Nick Dixon were their longtime friends. With God’s help, they were getting over a financial disaster in their business. When Andy approached Cassie asking for help with his situation, Cassie prayed. A camping trip to a private camp outside Portland might give them all time to gain new perspective.

Cody was ecstatic when his Dad said that he and Cody were going camping with-or-without his Mom. It was good to see his Dad stand up to his Mom. They would see. He would show them that he could take care of himself. But Cody doesn’t have all the answers either. He wants to prove that being deaf doesn’t mean he is mentally handicapped, too. He is a healthy, almost-thirteen-year-old boy, who just wants to be one of the fellows—as much as possible.

C. L. Kelly has done a marvelous job of weaving a story that draws you in from the start. He puts you inside the characters’ heads so that you can understand what motivates each one and see how God is working in them to stretch them past themselves. The themes Kelly touches on include learning to trust God's goodness even in the midst of a seeming tragedy, and the power of Christian friendship. It is also a great lesson on how to look at people with handicaps. If we love them as God does, we will recognize the need to be seen and loved for ourselves and not our handicap. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The trip to the Cascade Mountains had been Cassie’s idea. But what she thought was going to be a time to rejuvenate and relax with old friends may come at a tragic cost.

Cassie Dixon just wants a little time away to forget and to heal after her wild and failed venture in the perfume industry. A camping getaway with the Fergusons and their thirteen-year-old deaf son, Cody, seems like the perfect solution.

Cassie watches as Cody grows increasingly restless, chafing under the suffocating protectiveness of his mother. Encouraging him to explore and to have confidence in his God-given talents, Cassie aches for the boy, knowing that hearing is both the audible and inaudible ways in which we hear each other—and God.

Then Cody disappears … and Cassie feels responsible. Bear sign is all around. Severe weather threatens. Someone gripped by evil doesn’t care who gets hurt.

And even if she finds the boy alive, can Cassie convince him that God has a plan for his life? But the danger stalking close at hand may settle that concern for both of them.