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Jacketed Hardcover
240 pages
Sep 2005

Lost Women of the Bible: Finding Strength & Significance through Their Stories

by Carolyn Custis James

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Lost Women of the Bible by Carolyn Custis James is a Bible study for women who are feeling lost in today's society or have experienced that feeling sometime in their lives. Using women from the Old and New Testament, Carolyn delves below the surface to show us God's plan for us from the start of creation.

From the beginning, we were created to be God's "image bearer." (Genesis 1:27) Eve was made "in [God's] image and likeness." That alone gives us an important role. Then God presented her to Adam to be his "helper" or ezer. As we study Mrs. Noah, Sarah, Hagar, Tamar, Hannah, and Esther, we learn more about God's plan for women as ezers who are not only equal to men, but vital in any work or mission that God has assigned mankind.

This revelation culminates with Jesus' birth. From Mary of Nazareth, we see obedience raised to new heights--from a teenager even! But we also see devotion and strength as she faces the many problems resulting from her “unusual" pregnancy.

Mary Magdalene showed us how Jesus gave value to women in Jewish society. We witness a new status being established for women. Through Paul, we learn how important women are to the church. As the founders of a church in Philippi, as they ministered to the poor, and as they ministered to Paul, women were partners in spreading the Good News of God's love.

Lost Women of the Bible is a fascinating read and study. James’ in-depth study of these women reveals flesh-and-blood people facing situations similar to ours today. Her questions at the end of each chapter challenge our thinking and many touch our emotions. This would be great for a women's study group or for individual study. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You know the women of the Bible, but you don’t know them like this...

It’s easy for Christian women—young and old—to get lost between the opportunities and demands of the present and the biblical teachings of the past. They live in a confusing world, caught in the crossfire between church and culture. Although home and family still remain central, more women than ever, by choice or by necessity, are blending home, career, and ministry. They need strong biblical role models to help them meet these challenges.

Building on solid scholarship and a determination to wrestle honestly with perplexing questions, author Carolyn Custis James sheds new light on ancient stories that brings the women of the Bible into the twenty-first century.

This fresh look at the women in the Bible unearths surprising new insights and a powerful message that will leave readers feeling challenged, encouraged, and deeply valued.Rediscover and be inspired by:

  • Eve
  • Sarah
  • Hagar
  • Tamar
  • Hannah
  • Esther
  • Mary
  • and others