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288 pages
Mar 2006

Bryson City Secrets: Even More Tales of a Small-Town Doctor in the Smoky Mountains

by Walt Larimore M.D.

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“As I stood to go inside, a loud clap of thunder boomed across Bryson City. I looked over my shoulder. A storm was moving toward me faster than I could have imagined.” With that bit of foreshadowing, so ends Bryson City Seasons, the second book in Walt Larimore’s Bryson City trilogy. When Bryson City Secrets, the final book in the series, begins, that storm has long since passed, but a tearful, long distance phone call and a heartbreaking, if mysterious (to the reader) question from Kate, Larimore’s now grown daughter, hints at the damage it left behind.

“‘Can you have nightmares during the day?’ Kate asks her dad. ‘Yes, I thought to myself, you can have a nightmare during the day. And another one had just begun for the Larimores.’” Coming at the end of the prologue, those ominous words, along with the title itself, presage the horror to come and establish the book’s disquieting tone.

As did the previous two books, this one includes humorous stories, like those about the womanless wedding Larimore was coerced into participating in and the moonshiner and the “T-man” who end up as buddies in the same nursing home. But interspersed with these are more sinister ones about a handyman brutally murdering his employer; satanic rituals going on in the forest; a young, pregnant, woman giving birth while under demonic attack; and a little boy dying of cancer who talks to angels. As the book reaches its climax, it’s clear that the serpent still lurks even in the idyllic, Eden-like setting of Bryson City, North Carolina.

But despite its dark undertones, the principle theme of Bryson City Secrets is a positive one, illustrating the truth of Romans 8:28, “that all things work together for good to them that love God.” As Bryson City Secrets draws to a close and readers discover what the Larimores’ “nightmare” is all about, they’ll be confronted with the knowledge that no place is safe from the danger and evil that plague our world. At the same time, they’ll be comforted with the knowledge that wherever danger and evil abide, so, too, do God’s presence and His love. – Linda Whitlock, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

More enchanting tales of the people and events that shaped a young doctor’s life and faith during his early practice in the Smoky Mountains . . .

There are places in Bryson City where the smell of home cooking is a little too tempting for an empty stomach. Don’t, for instance, pass the Fryemont Inn when the windows are open—not unless you plan to come inside and enjoy fresh-baked rolls, gourmet cooking, and an owner who is as warm and inviting as the food. She’s just one of the friendly faces you’ll meet in Bryson City Secrets.

Told with winsome humor and deep affection, Bryson City Secrets is a story-lover’s delight, continuing Dr. Walt Larimore’s reminiscences of his early years of country medical practice. So, pull up a chair and feast on this rich fare of Smoky Mountain personalities, highland wisdom, and all the tears, laughter, tenderness, faith, courage, and misadventures of small-town life.