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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2006

The Deity Formerly Known as God

by Jarrett Stevens

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The Deity Formerly Known as God by Jarrett Stevens is a book about the way 21st Century people view God. It explores the versions of God that we have in our head, and the truth about who God really is. We can’t fully understand the nature of God, but we all have preconceived thoughts in our head, and not all of these are necessarily truthful. Stevens goes into constructive and destructive views that we form in order to help us understand who God really is, as opposed to whom we think He is.

Years ago Stevens found himself stunned and amazed when reading through Your God Is Too Small by J. B. Phillips. The inspiration for The Deity Formerly Known as God was Stevens’ desire to put that book into a form that today’s audience could appreciate and understand. The author puts God into tangible images that are easy to relate to. Visuals like the cop around the corner, boardroom leader, and a late night neighbor help readers understand God in functional, specific ways.

If you have ever felt like you don’t understand exactly who God is, or if you are currently trying to find a better way to explain him to the people who don’t know him, this is an excellent resource. Readers will find themselves nodding their heads as they realize that they have had some of these views on God at times. This easy to read, yet intriguing book is about a subject we can never know enough about. I recommend it highly. – Alyssa Curry, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“I do not want my image of God. I want God.” —C. S. Lewis

Like Lewis, Jarrett Stevens wants to truly know and experience God, not some distorted and destructive image of the Almighty formed over the years. With wry humor and profound insights, Stevens searches to align his broken images of God with the images of God found in the Bible.

Attempting to recapture the spirit of J. B. Phillips’ classic, Your God Is Too Small, Stevens addresses various assumptions we have about God and sorts through twelve different views of God—six destructive and six constructive.

God is not, for instance, the cop around the corner waiting to catch you breaking the law. Neither is he a talent show judge, wincing as you struggle through life. What if those destructive images we’ve shaped were replaced with more positive ones—a neighbor you can call for help in the dead of night … or a tired-eyed father waiting for his child to return home safely? These images come straight from Jesus’ teachings and invite us into a new experience with the true and living God.