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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jun 2007

Finder's Fee

by Alton Gansky

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 Alton Gansky brings a mixture of mystery and action to startling life in Finder’s Fee.  The story revolves around Judith Find, an interior design mogul thrust into a situation where she must not only use every resource at her disposal, but also team up with Luke Becker, a complete stranger forced into her situation.  The duo must race against the clock while facing down their own paranoia about past wrongs that haunt them at every turn.

Gansky plays a great deal on anticipation from one climax to another, fixing the reader’s attention on the present, while giving them an eagerness for what happens next.  The two characters, Judith and Luke, fight for their own personal closure, but at same time feel more and more drawn to each other as the story progresses.

Judith and Luke share a common guilt over similar actions in the past, and are driven into crisis when these skeletons in their closets re-emerge.  Forced by a haunting voice whom the characters come to know as the Puppeteer, Luke and Judith fight not only to keep their guilty pasts from becoming public knowledge, but also to save the life of a young boy.

Readers come to see Judith Find as a powerful businesswoman who knows the corporate ropes very well, yet has tenderness in her heart underneath a tough shell.  Her counterpart, Luke Becker, is a strong-willed but paranoid man who is always torn between the right thing to do and his own self-preservation.  The contrast of big-shot and recluse sets the stage for these two characters to be at odds, but then also to solve their issues quickly.  Judith’s strong motherly instinct to Luke’s experienced danger-sense leads to one of the key parts of the story as the characters fight through a mystery that could destroy them both.

With both a strong sense of justice in the characters, and their mutual desire to do what is right despite the consequences, readers will connect well with Judith and Luke.  Even though they could very well lose everything, in the end they only thing that matters is what is worth the most to them as human beings.  Gansky deftly uses unique plotting, solid characterizations, clever pacing, and surprise twists.  

Anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a creative twist to the old genre will definitely enjoy this book. Finder’s Fee offers a healthy dose of thrills from chapter to chapter, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. – Jared Mannarino, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

“I know your secret if you defy me, then the world will know.”

A terrifying phone call sweeps rich and powerful businesswoman Judith Find into a desperate search for a kidnapped boy. If she involves the authorities, the child will die … and Judith’s darkest secret to the world.

Judith is teamed with a mysterious stranger with a carefully guarded secret of his own. But is Luke Becker an unwilling ally or an agent of the kidnapper? As Judith and Luke’s mutual distrust wars against a growing attraction, the life of a small boy hangs in the balance. A boy unlike any other Judith has ever met.

Eight-year-old Abel Palek will help Judith discover a faith and a life she has never imagined. But freeing him could cost her everything.

Her career. Her reputation. And very possibly her life.