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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jul 2008

Delicacy (Sensations Series #3)

by Clint L. Kelly

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Delicacy by C. L. Kelly is the third book in the Sensations series. It is a story of mystery, suspicion, murder, kidnapping, sabotage, and backstabbing, with added splashes of culinary delights. The main character has to deal with the possibility that the business she is so passionate about may be destroyed by a relentless criminal. Despite the fact that her whole life looks like it is crumbling, Cassie Dixon’s faith in God remains strong.

C. L. Kelly definitely knows how to keep his audience reading. Through the use of many cliffhangers and scene changes, he keeps the reader turning the pages, sometimes just to see what will happen to the girl who was kidnapped ten pages earlier or to learn who has left a tantalizing clue on the current page. Kelly keeps his readers guessing until the very end.

Cassie and Nick Dixon are a middle-aged married couple who run a business called Taste of Success. The primary function of the restaurant/culinary training school is to invite the homeless of San Francisco off the streets and into the kitchen. The couple trains the poor in how to create masterpieces that can be called art as easily as edible dishes. They give them the opportunity to make a living for themselves again. What Cassie and Nick don’t know is that someone has decided that the homeless do not deserve such an opportunity. They have no idea that someone is willing to kill in order to end their beloved program. The most memorable part of the story is when Cassie and Nick are attacked while star-gazing at the end of a pier. They are pushed into the cold water below and forced to fight for their lives. Throughout the story, Cassie and Nick not only have to fight to reach of top of the water or face drowning, they also have to find a way to keep their culinary program afloat as well.

The characters in this novel are very believable. At the beginning of the novel, the reader is presented with a variety of characters to follow to the point that sorting them out and deciphering who they are becomes almost overwhelming. Cassie, the main character, seems realistic in every aspect of her life. Her marriage to Nick is strong, which is shown when Cassie just wants him near when things get rough. Her role as a mother is obvious when her daughter is kidnapped. Her emotions and actions are believable.

Delicacy, although it seems to fit within the mystery genre, also has elements of romance, adventure, and action. It’s a story that is appropriate for anyone from a teenager to a grandparent. Christian readers will be able to appreciate how the main characters stay strong in their faith throughout the entire novel. A good Scripture verse to keep in mind while reading Delicacy is from Deuteronomy 15:11: “For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, 'You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.'” We might not need to open a business like the Dixons did, but we should all remember to be kind to and help out our less fortunate neighbors. -- Amanda Hoff,

Book Jacket:

Nick and Cassie Dixon are devoting their spare time to Taste of Success, a training program that teaches the homeless the culinary arts and helps them find a better life. But someone is hungry to discredit the nonprofit group. Taste of Success just happens to sit on a very valuable slice of San Francisco waterfront property, a piece of real estate someone is willing to kill for.

Poison. Kidnapping. Fire. A sequence of disturbing events hits Taste of Success, leaving the staff reeling and on edge. With their own lives in danger, the Dixons discover that the quickest way to an evil man’s heart is through his appetite for getting revenge.

“You are what you eat” takes on deadly meaning in this startling new thriller of taste and terror. Dine if you dare.