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320 pages
Feb 2010

Blood Ransom (Mission Hope Book 1)

by Lisa Harris

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In Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris, the fate of a country hangs in the balance. Natalie Sinclair, an American health worker, and Dr. Chad Talcott, a surgeon on sabbatical from his American practice, both work in the Republic of Dhambizao because they want to make a difference as medical practitioners and as Christians. However, when the truth comes out about Ghost Soldiers, rebel soldiers who kidnap villagers to work in illegal mines and whose existence the government has denied for years, Natalie and Chad must learn to trust God and act in faith when evil seems rampant. If they help the locals resist the Ghost Soldiers, not only will they be risking their own lives, but they also will be risking closure of the health facility they have established. With so little medical help currently available, that would be a tragedy. Nevertheless, slavery is something intolerable to both Natalie and Chad. As they work together to serve the Lord and the impoverished people, their admiration and affection for each other increases steadily.

Blood Ransom is an adventuresome thriller with just the right touch of romance. Political and social turmoil add originality. Characters are reasonably well-developed, but dialogue is at times slightly stilted and a bit unrealistic. Nevertheless, I recommend this novel to young adult and adult readers because of wholesome content and realistic depiction of civil war. – Alexis Warner,

Book Jacket:

Romance and adventure drive Blood Ransom, by Lisa Harris, a powerful thriller about the modern-day slave trade and those who dare to challenge it. Deep in the heart of Africa, two American lives are about to change forever. Natalie Sinclair and Dr. Chad Talcott want to make a difference in underdeveloped African villages … but they didn’t count on risking their lives in the process.