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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Mar 2011

Homemade Haunting

by Rob Stennett

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In Rob Stennett's Homemade Haunting, readers are challenged to follow Charlie Walker, an English teacher who quits his job in order to write his dream novel, as he goes to the deepest depths of the unearthly.

Ever since his mother died of cancer, Charlie Walker has never believed in either God or the supernatural. Now, as Charlie and his family move into a rundown rental house and he takes six months from work to complete his horror novel, he finds himself becoming the ultimate method writer. Although he is focused on experiencing the situations of his characters for himself, the absolute last thing he expects from his future best-seller is for it to come to life. With moving furniture, message-displaying mirrors, and claims by his children to having seen things steering around the house, Charlie finds himself lost in his own manuscript. To escape, Charlie must identify what is real by finding the strength to turn to God.

Homemade Haunting focuses on a character who is lacking faith; therefore, its main idea is to show the readers how empty one's life can be in its absence. However, Stennett seems to take his time before truly showing the pain of an atheistic life. The haunting is routine: spooky mirrors, moving furniture, and unidentifiable noises. It is when Charlie's wife Rachel becomes demon-possessed that the book really begins to pick up.

Although most of the horror scenes from Homemade Haunting are typical, Charlie himself is a very complex character. With a wicked sense of sarcasm, Charlie's personality can easily be enjoyed. Well, until the haunting begins anyway. With an unstoppable drive to finish his novel, Charlie willingly puts the lives of his family members on the line, creating a selfish image for himself.

Homemade Haunting can easily be viewed as a spooky story rather than a blood-curdling thriller, thereby leaving it highly recommended to teenagers looking for a supernatural, spiritual test. – Caitlin M. Vukorpa,

Book Jacket:

Charlie Walker doesn’t believe in God or the supernatural. But Charlie’s views change when he takes the biggest risk of his life—he quits his job to write the novel he’s always wanted to write. The problem is that Charlie is a method writer. Since he’s writing horror, he needs to experience horror. Charlie begins to dabble with the supernatural and experiences the paranormal around his house. Messages appear on mirrors, furniture moves, and his kids start seeing things. Charlie is so lost in his book that he can’t see how it’s affecting his family. He thinks if he just stops, it will all wash away. It doesn’t. Friends convince Charlie that his only choice is to find God to save his family and home. Charlie becomes the unlikely hero in a supernatural battle. As he fights for his home and family, he meets his guardian angel and the demon assigned to him. Is Charlie going crazy? Is there really a supernatural war taking place around Charlie’s home, the neighborhood mailbox, and local swimming pool?