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288 pages
Feb 2011

Faith in the Land of Make-Believe

by Lee Stanley

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Faith in the Land of Make-Believe by Lee Stanley is a touching account of how Stanley took adolescent criminals released from juvenile halls out on sea voyages and taught them how to bond with one another in battles against nature. Working with confessed killers, opposing gang members, and hopeless teens, Stanley perseveres through innumerable obstacles in his mission for the teens as well as his personal life. Through all the hazards and difficulties, Stanley shows he feels called by God to take these injured teens out to sea and be that fatherly influence many of the kids never had. Also, he eventually shot a documentary of these high seas experiences despite many of the laws that prohibited releasing the kids’ identities.

Through Stanley’s life, one major theme emerges: trust. When the chips are down, and it isn’t easy to trust God, Stanley always lands back in God’s lap in complete surrender. The story’s pace is steady. It shifts from pivotal moments in Stanley’s life to present day when he is ministering to the teens. Lee Stanley is an award-winning filmmaker and producer of the popular movie Gridiron Gang.

Since Stanley invested all his money in his mission to help juvenile criminals, his family moved into a house they nicknamed “the chicken coop” – and it resembled one. “My faith in God comes from reading his Word, believing his Word, and claiming his Word. ‘All or nothing’ was my deal with him from the very beginning. I also had to learn how to ‘trust and obey.’” Lee Stanley isn’t about money, fanfare, or a big house – he is about changing lives, and that’s exactly what he does.

Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is an inspirational message, and is an enjoyable story. There are a handful of uses of “damn” and “hell” as curse words. Occasionally the tone of the writing sounds a little prideful, but overall it is a good book. I would recommend this book for a more mature audience due to heavy thematic elements and some language. – Ben Schmitt,

Book Jacket:

More than a narrative about a young man destined to accomplish the impossible, more than a chronicle of successful Hollywood writer, producer, and director, Lee Stanley’s unparalleled success that changed not only his life but also the lives of millions of others … Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the gritty memoir of someone who was never taught how to be a man, a husband, or a father, and was scared to death somebody would find out.

Now an award-winning filmmaker, author Lee Stanley learned early in life never to show a weakness. With a macho facade, womanizing ways, and hair-trigger rage, Stanley became his own worst enemy—an enemy that only Christ could defeat.

Faith in the Land of Make-Believe is the powerful and brutally honest story of a man who learned how to become totally dependent on God. This is a book about passion, determination and a refusal to give up.

Most importantly it is about fulfilling your purpose by never backing down, and always standing solely and completely upon the Word of God.