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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Sep 2011

Forever: Why You Can't Live Without It

by Paul David Tripp

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Forever, Paul Tripp’s latest book examining eternity, covers a vast range of topics. The design of the front cover is as eye catching as the content, both implying we cannot live without eternity. Tripp declares that “we have forever inside of us.” He says that this longing for eternity causes us to be dissatisfied with the broken world we live in. His self-proclaimed purpose of the book is to look at life from “the perspective of eternity.”

Tripp investigates primarily three things concerning eternity: the real-life yearning, the consequence, and the hope. His writing is easy to read and every point is supported by an intriguing story. Tripp’s credibility comes from his own struggle with eternity, his own quest to live without it, and his own failure to fill that yearning in his soul. He dedicates an entire chapter to recount his own struggles and how God revealed to him the hope of eternity.

To support his theory, Tripp tells the stories of people who lived for worldly things and were not satisfied. He boldly and unashamedly examines Hell as the consequence of eternity without Christ. And he shows the existence of hope and how it coincides with eternity. Tripp best explains the simple majesty of his theory when he states that “living with forever in view gives you an unshakable reason for hope.” Tripp is very consistent in his use of Bible verses as support for his arguments. For example, he uses Matthew 6:19, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,” to support his argument that earthly things are shallow and temporary and that man must seek the eternity in his heart.

Forever is an intriguing book that is well written and easy to understand. The strengths of this book are many. Tripp uses Bible verses strategically, making the book feel like a personal conversation rather than a sermon. He makes every one of his points clear and supports them with stories so that readers will remember them. As a warning, I must tell you that Tripp does not skip around the subject of Hell; he even goes so far as to place a definition on that place of punishment. Still, whether you have meditated on eternity or not, this book is an enjoyable and educational text. I highly recommend it. – Joshua A. Spotts,

Book Jacket:

Is this all you’re living for? For years, pastor Paul Tripp understood we were “hardwired for forever.” But he didn’t understand that it was more than a valuable insight. It is a practical tool to help us face the disappointment of everyday life. Now he knows, and he can help you discover how to survive and thrive in the middle of your story, with the final chapter of heaven in view. Instead of embracing the world’s motto—“you only live once”—follow Tripp as he unpacks the biblical truth of the world as a broken place, longing for a second chance. And come alive as you discover the meaning and redemption all this brokenness can bring to your life today. With practical insights on how eternity impacts your relationships, your job, your kids, and your deepest struggles, you’ll be encouraged to relax into the eternal story God is writing for you. You really are hardwired for eternity, and this book reveals how you can begin to view all that happens in your life as preparation for Forever.