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272 pages
Dec 2011

Love-Powered Parenting: Loving Your Kids the Way Jesus Loves You

by Tom & Chaundel Holladay

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What is obvious from the beginning of Tom and Chaundel Holladay’s book, Love-Powered Parenting, is how much they enjoy being parents. Not only have they received parenthood as a gift from God, they have embraced its high calling on their lives. They understand the challenges that go along with parenting and where solid answers for the task can be found.

The Holladays are quick to point out that while psychology and educational theory have much to contribute to the parenting equation, nothing can replace the “profound principles” of God’s Word. As the Creator of parenting, God provides precepts for us to follow as we begin our journey, and it is from these precepts the Holladays lay down six user-friendly parenting principles: believe nothing is more important, love with new power, communicate from the heart, show and teach mercy, serve your children well, and love the Golden Rule. They also provide personal illustrations, solid biblical references, and a brief study guide at the end of each chapter to encourage quiet reflection.

The Holladays have served in ministry at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California for more than two decades. Tom has worked in pastoral leadership and teaching ministries, while Chaundel has taught and led women. She is also the sister of founding Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, but if asked, the Holladays would tell you that their crowning achievement and best preparation for writing their book is the twenty-five years they have spent parenting three children of their own. Love-Powered Parenting is an excellent resource for new parents, particularly those who may not have had effective parenting skills, such as meaningful conversation, compassion, and forgiveness, modeled for them when they were growing up. Whether entrusted with kids who are compliant or those who are a bit more challenging, the Holladays’ book is a good reminder to hang in there. God will reward our efforts and provide us with the Love-Powered Parenting we need. – Ann Sullivan,

Book Jacket:

Love-Powered Parenting is written out of a love for parenting and a deep desire to encourage parents. Yes, there are experiences in parenting that can cause deep hurt. Yes, there are realities in parenting that certainly will cause you to feel inept. Yet at the core of it all there is a deep gratefulness for the gift that God gives in the opportunity to love a child. This book is a biblical guide to parenting. And by “biblical guide” we mean these pages are intended to take you on a journey through what the truth of God’s Word has to say about parenting. The main goal is not to uncover psychological truths about your child—there are many good resources on psychological theory; nor does it include practical tips for everyday circumstances such as how to get your kids to eat their green beans. Here, we will explore the simple and profound principles of God’s Word to distinguish psychological truth from error, educational reality from untested theory, and we’ll be looking at these tips within the broader context of God’s principles for parenting.