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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Sep 2003

Liberty Letters: The Personal Correspondence of Hannah Brown and Sarah Smith

by Nancy LeSourd

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"It is 1858 and two teenage Quaker girls carry on a deep friendship via letters that must be smuggled beneath seedlings in clay pots. What are the contents of these letters? Hannah and Sarah discuss mutual friends, attractive young men, family gossip, and the smuggling of slaves to freedom. Hannah’s family members in Goose Creek, Virginia are active abolitionists. Sarah’s family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a ‘conductor’ on the Underground Railway. Both girls know firsthand the dangers of helping slaves run away. Hannah worries for the safety of her family and at first does not want to help in any way. Sarah is actively engaged in sending slaves to freedom in Canada. Through their attention-grabbing correspondence, the reader experiences Hannah’s surrender to her Lord’s calling to this perilous work, and garners many interesting facts about slavery, the Underground Railway, life during the 1850’s, the Quaker involvement in abolition, and makes friends with a desperate, runaway South Carolina slave family.

"The Liberty Letters series presents U.S. history through the eyes of teenagers seeking to live for God as they solve the problems that confront them. Presented as correspondence between friends, the intrigued reader learns not only pertinent U.S. History, but also lessons in friendship, courage, ingenuity, faith, and the importance and joy of written correspondence.

"The Personal Correspondence of Hannah Brown and Sarah Smith introduces two girls who will appeal to modern lasses, yet retains the flavor of their own era. Weaving their everyday lives through their letters, Hannah and Sarah also learn to cope with commitment to the Lord, family duty, and loving friendship. They face evil, rejoice over good, and grow mentally and spiritually. Hannah and Sarah will encourage and instruct, and will be enjoyed by girls in Middle and High School." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Liberty Letters series explores the lives of teens who courageously lived out their faith and commitment to God in challenging times. Using letters between good friends to tell the story, the series reveals the power of friendship, courage, ingenuity, and faith to make a difference in the key events of U.S. history. In this book, two Quaker girls, Hannah Brown, granddaughter of the most active abolitionist in slave-holding North Virginia, corresponds with Sarah Smith, daughter of "conductors" on the Underground Railroad in the free state of Pennsylvania. Together, the girls assist a runaway South Carolina slave family on their perilous trip from Virginia to Canada on the "freedom train."