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Hardcover with Jacket
40 pages
Jan 2011

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The Lord's Prayer by Richard Jesse Watson features a concise one-page commentary by Rev. Rick Warren in which he points out that children's prayers are enjoyed by the Lord because they are honest, open, full of high expectations, and spoken in unpretentious language. There is a parallel to this in the Lord's Prayer in that it, too, is functional, direct, humble, and filled with praise. As such, Watson and Warren both feel that teaching young children how to pray and understand the Lord's Prayer is a wonderful way to initiate a maturing relationship between the child and the Master. To that end, Watson has created a children's picture book that uses only the Lord's Prayer for its text, yet provides a vast array of his oil paintings, watercolors, and pen and pencil drawings to reveal to youngsters the immense range of God's creativity and the great depth of His love for us.

At the back of the book is a collection of miniature versions of each of the full-page works of art found in the book, under which is a line from the Lord's prayer and two sentences explaining its meaning, such as "Give us this day our daily bread: God has promised to take care of all my needs. So, I will trust him and not worry." Some of the book's pages feature very simple drawings, such as a pencil sketch of a young boy lying on his bed with his chin in his hands, relaxing and daydreaming. However, other pages offer detailed paintings of vivid portrayals of children, geese, bison, lions, rabbits, pigs, wolves, frogs, and mice all frolicking together and living at peace in God's kingdom. The artwork is diverse and eye catching, as well as completely appropriate for each section of the prayer it is being visually reflective of.

This is a lovely and effective book that children ages 3 - 8 will relate to readily. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

The Lord’s Prayer pulses with new life through the exquisite illustrations of award-winning artist Richard Jesse Watson, and simple, yet insightful commentary by bestselling author Rick Warren. Watson’s use of vibrant color and detailed imagery beautifully captures the essence of Jesus’ words to his disciples, and Warren’s thoughtful words help make the King James Version of this prayer come alive for readers young and old.