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Trade Paperback
128 pages
May 2009

On the Run (The Elijah Project, Book 1)

by Bill Myers

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Bill Myers’ On the Run, the first in The Elijah Project series, is captivating and will keep its younger readers turning page after page. Zach and Piper realize their younger brother, Elijah, isn’t normal, especially after he performs a miracle. Unfortunately, this miracle puts the three siblings on the run from an evil organization that has captured their parents. On top of that, a strange man seems to show up every time the kids get into trouble. Can they trust this stranger, and even more importantly, can they trust God to protect them?

Zach, Piper, and Elijah learn what Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 28:20 (NIV), “And surely I am with you always….” With the help of two friends, the children begin the journey to the compound where their parents are being held. Will they get there in time, though? Will they be able to save their parents? Meanwhile, Zach and Piper are trying to figure out what makes Elijah special.

Myers does an excellent job of portraying the siblings’ thoughts and making the dialogue seem real and childlike. He also gives each child an individual personality with different strengths and weaknesses, which is sustained throughout the book. Children will easily be able to relate to the characters’ problems and questions about faith and God. Myers integrates Christianity in a way that gives an extra dimension to an already riveting story. He also ends the book at the perfect place for a cliffhanger, making the reader want more.

On the Run is entertaining, and kids ages 8 to 14 will love it! The story is not resolved, and kids will be counting down the days to the release of the next book in the series. It would be the perfect birthday gift for a child or grandchild. I would recommend reading it as a family, since many themes and questions that arise out of the book would be ideal for family discussion. On the Run is the perfect way to spark conversation at the dinner table and help children to grow spiritually. – Caitlin Wilson,

Book Jacket:

Zach and his sister Piper are on the run, searching for their parents while protecting their little brother Elijah. Although he never speaks, there is something pure and supernatural about the boy that the powers of heaven want to protect and the powers of darkness want to destroy.