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32 pages
Apr 2010

Let's Have a Daddy Day

by Karen Kingsbury

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Although inspirational writer Karen Kingsbury is best known for her series of novels for adults, her latest book for children, Let's Have a Daddy Day, proves that she can communicate with youngsters, too. This book explores all the things that are especially fun for kids to do with their dads. Dads can climb trees and build forts up there. Dads know how to play army ranger and sneak up on the enemy down by the lake. Dads aren't afraid of going into the squishy pond to scoop up tadpoles to bring home in a jar. Dads are great at hitting a baseball and catching it. More than anything, however, dads can just get down on the floor with their kids and wrestle and tumble and laugh and roll around. The message, both overt and covert, is that dads will never regret the time they spend playing with their kids because it will be these "adventures" that the kids will remember forever (and so will the dads).

The book features pastel watercolor paintings of a dad and his son and daughter exploring outdoor venues, going on hikes, and playing games. The story is told in rhymed couplets, using words that within the vocabulary range of 3 to 7-year-olds. There are neither biblical references nor Christian themes in the book other than the obvious but unspoken endorsement of "fathers, love your children." Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Let's Have a Daddy Day, written by Karen Kingsbury and illustrated by Dan Andreasen, is a playful and heartwarming picture book that celebrates the cherished and unique times that fathers and their children spend together. Whether it's building forts, wrestling, or catching tadpoles, this book reminds us that there are many ways to have a special day with Daddy.