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32 pages
Mar 2009

Freddie's Fast-Cash Getaway: The Parable of the Prodigal Son

by Bill Myers

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Anyone familiar with the name Bill Myers knows that any book written by him, including this latest children's picture book titled Freddie's Fast-Cash Getaway, is going to provide both laughs and lessons. What we have here is an imaginative retelling of the prodigal son story, this time featuring a little ant who asks his dad for his share of the family cash so that he can head to the bugs' big city. Once he gets there, he finds friends galore, or at least as long as he can pay for circus rides and tasty treats. Once his cash runs out, so do his so-called friends. Freddie is forced to clean cat litter boxes just as a way to survive. Finally, he swallows his pride and goes home, where the family throws a big shindig to welcome him back. When he wonders how they can still love him, his parents explain that God never stops loving his children, even when they do wrong, so they, in turn, are forgiving of others.

The story is told in goofy rhymes that kids will find easy to memorize, and it is supplemented by extremely funny artwork by Andy J. Smith. There are lots of puns and word plays for the adults to enjoy. For example, when Freddie goes into the big city of the bugs, the businesses have names such as "Flies R Us" and "McMaggot's." And when Freddie tries to open a trash can so that he can survive on garbage, a bug pops out who looks like Oscar the Grouch.

For a fun book that manages to teach the same lesson as its more sophisticated biblical counterpart, this one is a winner! Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

When an ant decides he can live a better life alone than with his family on the worm farm, he takes his inheritance and sets off for the glitz of the big city. When he finds himself penniless and doing dangerous work cleaning the cat cage at the circus, he decides to humble himself and return to the family farm. Children will learn about one of the best-known parables in the Bible, retold with humor and poignancy in an imaginative world of today.