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Trade Paperback
352 pages
May 2010

The Prophecy (The Watcher Chronicles)

by Dawn Miller

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The theme of Dawn Miller’s The Prophecy, which serves as the first in her Watchers Chronicles series, could probably best be summed up with either Matthew 9:29, “Then he touched their eyes and said, ‘According to your faith will it be done to you,’” or 1 Corinthians 16:13, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong”. Scattered friends Sam, Jonah, J, Jenna, and Carly have been suffering strange and terrifying things. When Sam calls them together for a reunion, they learn they are Watchers, part of an ancient prophecy. Their job is to keep an eye on the spirit world, which is about to break in upon the human race.

The book is well-written overall. It specializes in suspense, mystery, and a superhero vocabulary, all of which suit it well. However, it begins at a point of high intensity and only builds from there, with few, if any, rests for the characters. It is clear that the five are extremely close, but the reader doesn’t quite get the depths of the relationship yet, which is appropriate for the first book in a series. The entire book is unforgettable, particularly the sequences during which they begin to remember their past together and Jonah’s epiphany at the end of the book.

Sam, Jonah, J, Jenna, and Carly are living in terror. Inseparable when they were younger, they have now been scattered across the country, and each is experiencing terrible nightmares, seeing people who seem to be invisible to others, and a frightening memory loss of the time they spent together when they were younger. When Sam reunites them, they learn that as Watchers, it is their duty to fight the evil spirits that have awakened and now threaten to take over their world. They must learn to trust a God they’ve stopped believing in if they want to survive.

Though the author divides her attention, giving the reader bits from each of the five main characters, she seems to center on Jonah, Sam’s brother. The reader gets the impression that Jonah was once good and could be again, but he is being held back. This character is very real and reacts to his situation believably. He proves again and again that he alone is nothing special, and it is only because God is working in him that he accomplishes the things he does. The other characters are at various levels of “messed up” in the world’s terms, and they complement Jonah very well. The relationships are not neat and perfect, but realistically rocky in places.

Overall, The Prophecy is a strong beginning for a promising series. I would recommend this thriller to those who are teens or older, though it might be a little scary for young children. – Rebekah R. Blomenberg,

Book Jacket:

Remember these words well. It’s only a thin veil that separates them from our world. As time grows near, they will return to make their war upon mankind. They will torment, attack, and cause destruction on this planet. They will never hunger; they will never sleep. They will walk amongst us unseen. Invisible to all but those born to see. And each generation of five that sees shall endure more than the last. But the final generation of Watchers will not only endure, not only watch… …THEY WILL FIGHT.