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32 pages
Jan 2011

Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten

by Jacqueline Johnson

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Princess Grace and the Little Lost Kitten by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson is a fairytale picture book that closely parallels the story told by Jesus. In Matthew 18:12-14, he recounts the parable of a shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep to search for one lost lamb. In this version there is a king who has five daughters. One daughter, Grace, discovers some stray kittens in the castle and adopts them. She and her sisters play with the kittens every day, even to the point of dressing them in doll clothes and putting them inside of a large dollhouse.

One day Grace's favorite kitten, which she has named Poppy because it just popped into her life out of nowhere, disappears. When the kitten cannot be found anywhere in the castle, the five sisters mount horses and ride near and far in search of it. They interview townspeople, explore different trails, and even talk to sailors and craftsmen. Alas, no one has seen a lost tiny kitten. The only place left to search is in the dreaded Dark Woods, which the sisters enter on their quest. It is scary business, but ultimately they discover the lost kitten hidden in a fallen log, alone, cold, and wet. Grace wraps the kitten in a cloth and brings it back to the castle and gives it milk and a spot near the warm fireplace. Everyone, including the king, rejoices over the return of the lost kitten.

The illustrations in this book are Disneyesque, with large-eyed animals and princesses in flowing gowns and tiaras. At the end of the book is a section titled "Parable Thoughts" in which Grace makes sure the readers draw the comparison to the Bible story (which is printed in its entirety on the last page). This is part of a five-book series featuring each of the five princess sisters. The books are easy to read, colorful, and they tangentially provide a paraphrased lesson from Scripture. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

'Search everywhere for the lost kitten. Bring her back safely to the castle.' Princess Grace promised her father she would care for the kittens she found. But Poppy, the curious one, has run away. Princess Grace must find him, even if it means searching the entire kingdom... even braving the Black Woods. Along the way, she remembers a parable Jesus told about God's great love for us and how he, too, searches for each one who is lost.