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Trade Paperback
224 pages
May 2010

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Final Touch by Brandilyn Collins and Amberly Collins deals with unexpected struggles in life. Rayne Tour is kidnapped right before the start of a very special family wedding by a man who had stalked her a few years back. Rayne has to try to keep herself alive so she can return to her family and friends and resume her life as a normal, active 17-year-old high school student. To do this she relies on constant prayer, her own wits, and a strong desire for survival.

Brandilyn Collins and Amberly Collins, a mother and daughter writing team, use suspense in an incredible way. Their narrative drive is so compelling it keeps the reader’s eyes dancing across the page, wanting to read more and more. The novel is broken into four parts with short chapters in each section, making the book easy to read. Each chapter changes to a different point of view of what is happening in the story. This gives readers a full appreciation of what each character feels, needs, and experiences.

The main focus stays on Rayne Tour, who suffers abuse and torment from her kidnapper. She does not know what to do when this first happens, but she becomes determined to endure until she can plan an escape. Slowly, she begins a psychological game with her captor, pretending to get along with him but all the while probing for his weaknesses and plotting her release.

Rayne is a strong character. Not only is her personality strong, but also her faith. Throughout the story she prays to God and asks him to help her through this hard time. The other characters in this book seem to care about her deeply, too, and are prayer warriors on her behalf.

I enjoyed reading this book. It is an excellent teen thriller. Although Final Touch is the third book in the series, it can be read on its own. – Elizabeth Horne,

Book Jacket:

The day Shaley O’Conner has dreamed of all her life is shattered by a nightmare. On a lavish estate in California guarded from the media, Shaley’s mom, rock star Rayne O’Connor, is marrying her teen sweetheart and Shaley’s father, Gary Donovon. It’s a dream come true for Shaley, who has always longed for the father she never knew. But minutes before the wedding, Shaley is kidnapped. Who is this man who has taken her—and why? As Rayne and Gary race against time to find their daughter, Shaley’s abductor eludes the FBI at every turn. Fearing for her life, Shaley wills herself to stay strong. But as the days pass, she realizes that no one can save her but herself.