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Saddle Stitched
32 pages
Jan 2010

The Gardener and the Vine

by Andrew McDonough

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The Gardener and the Vine by Andrew McDonough is a fantasy version of the story told by Jesus in John 14 and the imagery used in Romans 11. Basil is a barren vine living alone on a lonely hill. One day a master gardener comes to him and says that he must cut Basil off from his current vine and attach him to a different, more productive vine. This scares Basil at first, but after a long journey through a desert, a jungle and some snow-capped mountains, Basil and the Gardener arrive at a lovely orchard. The Gardener cuts a slit into the heavy healthy vine, inserts Basil, and then attaches him with heavy tape. As a new growing season arrives, Basil produces large clusters of fresh, delicious grapes.

With lesson notes at the back of the book for parents, it is easy for young readers to learn the symbolism of Jesus as the vine of life. The artwork is bold and colorful and the vocabulary is simple and easy to follow. Ė Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Basil, a small branch, meets the Gardener and learns what it means to be joined into Godís family and experience new life in Christ. Kids will see how they are part of Godís loving family in The Gardener and the Vine, based on John 15:1,5.