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Saddle Stitch
32 pages
Aug 2011

The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect

by Jan & Mike Berenstain

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The Berestain Bears Show Some Respect is a great book for teaching children to be respectful, specifically to their parents. In a very down-to-earth way, the authors show how children can often speak disrespectfully to their parents and how parents often notice it, but do not know exactly how to address it.

As the Berenstain Bear family searches for a picnic spot one sunny day, Brother and Sister Bear make comments to their parents that are not extremely naughty, but not as respectful as they ought to be, leaving their parents feeling "none too pleased." For instance, when told they will be eating "willderness stew" for lunch, Brother mutters, "Yuck-o!" and when asked to wait for everyone else, Brother and Sister pay no attention and run on ahead. There are many more instances of children being disrespectful to their parents and grandparents as they all search for the best place to picnic, culminating in Grandpa Bear finally putting his foot down and speaking up about showing respect for one's elders. At that, all offenders apologize and agree to listen to and follow Grandpa's advice to the perfect picnic spot.

This is a wonderful book for children 4 years old and up, to bring about an awareness of how they need to be respectful, even in the little things they say. It is also good for parents, to make us aware of how we need to be ready to correct our children at the onset of disrespectful behavior. Jennifer Joneleit,

Book Jacket:

'Honor your father and your mother,' Exodus 20:12 In The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect even good cubs can fall into bad habits. Brother and Sister have gotten into the habit of sometimes treating their Mama and Papa with less than the respect they deserve. Mama and Papa occasionally forget their manners towards their parents as well! When Gramps and Gran notice the change in the Bear Family attitude, they call them on it and point out that everyone deserves a little respect.