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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Aug 2011

Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher Story

by Kim Washburn

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Kim Washburn’s Defender of Faith: The Mike Fisher Story is summarized by Romans 12:12: “Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful.” With this theme in mind, Washburn tells the story of Mike Fisher charging through hockey with both disappointment and success. She takes us from when Fisher was a child to present day to show how he grew in faith and in his love for hockey.

Washburn uses Fisher’s story to set an example for readers, because Fisher places God above winning the Stanley Cup. She begins with a glimpse into his hockey career in 2006, and then backtracks to the 1980s to retell Fisher’s life chronologically. Washburn has written for Clubhouse Jr. magazine, and had two stories recognized by the Evangelical Press Association.

The book opens with, “Hockey is many things. Wimpy is not one of them.” Thinking of Mike Fisher as someone wimpy is the last thing on the readers’ minds when they close the final page. He body checks anyone in his way, and is unafraid to throw the gloves. You can’t help but cheer for Fisher. Washburn places quotes and stories from the past that help lead the reader to becoming an avid admirer of the athlete. Continually she reiterates Romans 12:12 and uses it to reveal Fisher’s attitude of faith as he faces trials of disappointment, injury, and even loss of loved ones.

This story is well written and encouraging for a Christian individual. In today’s society where morals and biblical values are quickly shot out of the rink of life, it is inspiring to read of a man who is standing firm in his beliefs—despite the spotlight attention of the world.

At times, Washburn’s terminology may be hard for children to understand, and the hockey game recaps will occasionally feel repetitive. However, this story is a great reminder that although we do not always know His plan, remaining faithful to God’s playbook will ultimately lead to victory. I would highly recommend this book for any hockey lover or sports enthusiast. – Jeremy Paul,

Book Jacket:

Mike Fisher knows the true meaning of a power play. As a veteran of the National Hockey League, Mike Fisher has a lot to be proud of. He plays for the Nashville Predators, was an alternate captain for the Ottawa Senators, competed in the Stanley Cup finals, and has been nominated for the Selke Trophy as the best defensive forward in the league. But it’s not just his guts, grit, and talent that have brought him success. His power comes from the top—he puts his faith in Christ first and has demonstrated his love for God both on and off the ice.