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160 pages
Aug 2011

Carrying Mason

by Joyce Magnin

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Joyce Magninís Carrying Mason shares the struggle of doing right in the face of difficulty. After her best friend Masonís death, 13-year-old Luna Gleason steps up to look after his mother, Ruby Day. Dealing with his death and her new caretaking responsibilities can be overwhelming, but Luna sticks to it.

This book is a reflective story of responsibility and of helping the helpless, shared in a melancholy, rambling, and dramatic style. Luna understands Ruby Day better and learns that even the handicapped have lessons to teach. Magninís greatest gift is her vivid and practical description.

Luna faces the decision between whatís easy and whatís right: living comfortably at home, or honoring her friend and God by helping Ruby Day. She chooses the latter and finds it difficult, confusing, and enriching.

The protagonist is spunky and strong-willed, sticking to her guns in sometimes theatrical ways. She is not always kind, especially when it comes to dealing with her sister Delores and people who look down on Ruby Day, but she is strong.

Carrying Mason was too long, winding, and melodramatic for my taste, but some children might enjoy it; it does have lessons to share. Ė Carlita Stewart,

Book Jacket:

When Luna's best friend Mason dies, she's determined to hold onto his memory. Moving in with Mason's mentally disabled mother, Ruby Day, Luna takes over the cooking and cleaning. But trouble arrives in the form of Ruby Day's aunt, who wants her niece put away in a mental institution. It will take all Luna's willpower to defeat the aunt, and along the way she'll learn what it means to lay down one's life for a friend.