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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Dec 2011

The Pocket Bible Doodle Book

by Zonderkidz 

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The Pocket Bible Doodle Book by Brian Oesch answers the age-old question of, "How do you keep young kids occupied during church service once they are too old for the nursery?" This clever little book is packed with half-drawn pictures of stories and scenes in the Bible, and the child who owns the book is asked to take a pen, pencil, or crayon and finish the picture. For example, one page says, "God blessed Abram for obeying him," and there is a drawing of a beard and mustache but the child has to draw in the eyes, nose, head and body. Other pages, such as one showing the Ark of the Covenant, are completely drawn and the child is asked to decorate the Ark and color it. Still other pages are just silly and fun, such as a page that says that riding in chariots would not work today, so the child is asked to draw a modern day hot rod.

The range of stories found in this small book is amazing -- creation, the work of the Old Testament fathers, Joseph's dream, the fall of Jericho, Ruth's care for Naomi, Jonah and the big fish, the birth and ministry of Jesus, and the resurrection. For youngsters, this book provides hours of entertainment, as well as an overview of biblical lessons and history and personalities. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

The story of creation, Noah’s ark, the plagues, and more make this Bible-based collection of doodles fun for everyone. With lots of room to design, every doodler will have endless hours of creating and learning.