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Trade Paperback
304 pages
May 2004
Steeple Hill

After the Storm

by Lenora Worth

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Alisha Emerson has begun a new life on Dover Mountain in hopes of protecting her unborn baby. Lost vacationer Jared Murdock stumbles onto her cabin during a torrential storm to find the woman in early labor. Together they deliver her son. Despite the bond they develop from the experience, Alisha remains aloof as she guards her secrets. But someone on the mountain knows her secrets and it's up to Jared to be her protector. He must push aside his own problems to help Alisha and her young son.

Lenora Worth, a talented writer with a knack for great romance, is now combining her gifts to add wonderful suspense. Each of her books maintains high-level romantic tension to keep readers turning pages and this book is no exception.

After the Storm is a wonderful romance/suspense. Issues of trusting God and forgiving past mistakes intertwine throughout the story smoothly. Characters come alive with distinct personalities and expressive dialogue. Clues and events fall just right to give readers a chance use their "little gray cells" to solve the mystery. Unexpected twists, however, will keep everyone on their toes. Highly recommended. -- Beth Loughner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the beautiful north Georgia mountains, blue spruce trees reach up to heaven. A sense of healing and communion draws Alisha Emerson there. She hopes that her unborn child can grow up in the promising new world she's begun for them both in the village of Dover Mountain. Then her labor begins unexpectedly, and only with the help of a stranger, entrepreneur Jared Murdock, is her son delivered safely.

But is Dover Mountain really the sylvan sanctuary of Alisha's daydreams? For although Alisha and Jared appreciate the love of God and neighbor that village life embodies, it incorporates darker elements as well. Elements like unwanted pregnancy, drug abuse, violence and blackmail. Together, Alisha and Jared must brave the storm and seek the rainbow that follows, in this captivating story of love, loss and faith regained.