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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Aug 2004
Steeple Hill

Safe Haven

by Hannah Alexander

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For any fan of Hannah Alexander, Safe Haven is a must read. This book is masterfully written, as all of her books are, yet keeps our interest with a new writing style and new characters. Safe Haven kept me glued to the pages until the wee hours of the morning, anxious to see how the twists and turns turned out.

Fawn Morrison is a young runaway desperate for love from anyone. Hurt by others more times than she can count, she is suspicious and despairing. Tangled in an illegal operation against her will, Fawn must try to get away from the mess, and in the process learn how to trust and love again. Dr. Karah Lee Fletcher moves to a new town with new problems and people to get to know. A medical doctor and a paramedic, she works endlessly to set up a new life while trying to deal with the ghosts of her own past. Ranger Taylor Jackson is the local paramedic and police officer, trying to uncover a devious scheme in the town, while keeping his heart from loving yet again.

Hannah Alexander quickly involves the reader into the heart and emotion of her characters. Readers instantly feel like they are right in the heart of the Ozarks, working alongside the doctor and paramedic. As a paramedic myself, I enjoyed the medical side of the story as well as the emotional side of patient care. Anyone who reads this book will agree that it is a must for the bookshelf. -- AmyRose Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Karah Lee Fletcher has left behind her family practice in the city to face the challenges as a doctor in Hideaway’s new clinic. But nothing prepares Karah for her first real test, when she discovers that her father pulled strings to ensure his daughter was accepted to medical school. Karah’s self-confidence is shaken, and she begins to doubt her own abilities.

Taylor Jackson is one person, however, who would be hard-pressed to believe that Karah ever second-guesses herself. Still mourning the death of his teenage son and the ensuing breakup of his marriage, the reserved park ranger has already had one run-in with the seemingly strong-willed doctor and is only too happy to avoid another confrontation.

But Fawn Morrison, a young runaway, brings the two adversarial adults together. When Karah is called in to treat a young man, she soon discovers that “he” is Fawn in disguise. The terrified teenager relates a shocking tale that explains the reasons behind her camouflage and exposes an unguessed-at crime.

A deepening respect grows between Karah and Taylor as they both reach out to aid the frightened girl. But will they find the strength of spirit they need to vanquish their doubts, or be consumed by them?