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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Oct 2004
Steeple Hill

Wild Rose

by Ruth Axtell Morren

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This story takes place in the 1870's in Maine and the Northeast. The book opens with a scene of the heroine being made fun of and her rescue by an unknown gentleman/hero. There is such a difference in the social standing between the poor fish lady and the ship captain. The difference between the hard working girl and the son of a wealthy shipping company owner is the focus of the novel.

The author does a wonderful job of depicting the characters of Geneva Patterson - a single girl, left alone to provide her living after her parents' death, and Caleb Phelps - a handsome gentleman, who has been raised by working on his father's boats since the age of eight. He is honest and capable of providing for himself.

After Caleb is falsely accused of stealing, he flees to Haven's End from Boston and tries to grow a garden. He is helped very much by Geneva, his neighbor, who lives by her gardening and fishing. They both are benefited by this, as Geneva longs to learn to read, and Caleb is a good teacher. Caleb suggests that Geneva should wear a dress, not overalls, as she has done for years. Caleb offers to teach her to sew, since he learned as a sailor, and the problems of making a dress to fit Geneva become very interesting.

Geneva has poor self-esteem, seeing herself as ugly, lonely girl. She falls for Captain Caleb, but she knows she is not in his social circle. Caleb has lost his fiancée after he was falsely accused of stealing from the company. He won't clear his good name, even to regain the love Arabella Harding.

Geneva is a strong hardworking girl who believes she has to rely on herself. However, she is very willing to help and reach out to others. She influences others by her work ethic and her eagerness to learn and better herself. She proves to be a wonderful friend to Caleb, as well as a beautiful girl - a Wild Rose.

I found this a believable story of the life in a small town in Maine. The characters are well drawn and the story moves rapidly throughout the book. Most everyone who enjoys Christian romance and a good story will want to read this. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

All her life, Geneva Patterson had known what it was to be an outcast in Haven's End, a little town on the harsh Maine seacoast. Plain, awkward, thought to be unmarriageable, she endured the cruel taunts of the townspeople in solitude. But then she encountered a man who made her dream that there could be something more for her….

Caleb Phelps, too, was an outcast. Once a respected sea captain, he'd been accused of a shameful crime. He still held his head high, but pain shone in his eyes. And Geneva, believing in his innocence, longed to help this proud, unyielding man find redemption in the town's view — and in his own — through God's grace and a woman's love.…