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Mass Paperback
352 pages
Dec 2007
Steeple Hill

Chill Out, Josie!

by Susan May Warren

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Chill Out, Josey! by Susan May Warren had me laughing out loud. Literally. Part comedy, part newly-wed romance, this book provides an entertaining and honest view of how life might look for a couple trying to begin a new life together in a completely different culture.

Josey and Chase Anderson are already working through the normal issues of a new marriage--things like communicating, losing their autonomy, and establishing trust.  To add to the list, a change in Chase’s job dictates a change in location: to Russia. The day before the big move, Josey discovers that she is pregnant.  Nervous to tell Chase since the couple is already having communication problems, Josey puts off telling him at all.  During the move and their first several months in Moscow, tensions between the newlyweds mount.  Chase is gone with his job far too much, and Josey, who is feeling and looking more and more pregnant, fears she is losing him to the skinny office girls she calls the “Underfed.” In the meantime, Josey gets involved with providing much-needed individual attention for children in a local orphanage. At home, she attempts to mentor a new friend and figure out how to cook.

Chill Out, Josey! is written in first-person, present tense, a style which takes the reader directly into Josey’s mind and emotions in a very personal way, giving the reader access as well to Josey’s thoughtful meanderings (who would think that “arachbutyrophobia” was a morbid fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth?).  Josey can be unreasonable and immature, though her heart is usually in the right place.  Her sense of humor keeps both her own spirits and the story’s overlying tones on a light note, while her insecurities about her appearance, her role in her husband’s life, and her own emotions are something most women will be able to identify with.  

Through Josey’s experiences of life and pregnancy in Russia, she learns to experience God’s love in new, unexpected ways through equally new, unexpected events.  Anyone who is already familiar with Josey from her adventures in Everything’s Coming Up Josey, can expect the same adventuresome quality and humor in this playful continuation of the Josey series. – Lyndi Markus, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Josey Anderson will be the perfect wife. She and Chase did have the perfect wedding—if you don’t count the matron of honor going into labor. Now all she has to do is find a cute Cape-style house, report for the Gull Lake, Minnesota, paper, bake cookies and learn to sew—is that so difficult?

But when Chase lands a new job—in Moscow—Josey’s dreams disintegrate. After all, she’s been there, done that as a missionary, and a city without year-round hot water, decent takeout or…maternity clothes—that’s not perfection! But what’s the perfect wife to do?